Thank you for visiting the ELC Rod & Gun Club's website.  You can contact us at our e-mail address: [info@elcrodgun.com].  We are located at 966 Smyrna Rd., Kinzers, Pa.  (717) 442-8618.  The Clubhouse is open Friday & Saturday 6-10, & Sunday 11-4.

We are a Non-Profit Organization that enjoys giving back to our community.  We have many events that are open to the public (please see the calendar), but our ranges are for members only.  Our Clubhouse is available for rentals throughout the year.  Feel free to email us with any questions, or suggestions. 

Membership applications are available at the Clubhouse or via email.  All new members must have a sponsor who has been a member, in good standing, for at least 1 (one) full year, and the sponsor's current year's dues must be paid.  Please complete the application in its entirety!  Applications that are missing information will not be accepted.  New membership applications will be read at each monthly meeting and must be approved by the Board of Directors.  Upon approval of a membership, you will need to provide photo identification and sign our liability waiver prior to receiving your membership card.  Dues for new members are $40.00.

The regular Club Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of the month.  They start at 7:00 PM.  You are welcome to attend and voice your opinions, make suggestions, etc.

Our monthly Breakfast is held the second Sunday of every month (open to the Public) @ 8 AM.  Breakfast is $8 per person.  Come & enjoy eggs to your liking, sausage, pancakes, scrapple, home fries, and more!

2014 Calendar of Events

January: 9th- Club Meeting, 12th- Breakfast, 19th- Wild Game Feast
February: 9th- Breakfast, 13th- Club Meeting, TBD- Soup Cookoff
March: 9th- Breakfast, 13th- Club Meeting (Nominations for Board of Directors), 22nd- Appetizer Contest
April: 6th- Ham Raffle, 10th- Club Meeting (Elections for Board of Directors), 12th- Childrens Easter Party, 13th- Breakfast, Closed Easter Sunday
May: 8th- Club Meeting, 11th- Mothers Day Breakfast, 24th- Machine Gun Shoot
June: 8th- Breakfast, 12th- Club Meeting,
July: 4th- Club Closed, 10th- Club Meeting, 13th- Breakfast, 20th- Members Picnic
August: 2nd: Annual Gun Raffle, 7th- Club Meeting, 10th- Breakfast
September: 11th- Club Meeting, 14th- Breakfast
October: 9th- Club Meeting, 12th- Breakfast, 19th- Fish Fry, TBD- Machine Gun Shoot
November: 2nd- Turkey Raffle, 9th- Breakfast, 13th Club Meeting
December: 6th- Members Christmas Party, 11th- Club Meeting, 13th- Childrens Christmas Party ( with Santa), 14th- Breakfast 

All Children Events are 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm.  Children must be signed up for each event.  These events are for children 10 and under only.  The sign up sheet is located at the Club.

All Raffle Events require purchase of a raffle ticket to enter.

Homemade dinners by announcement via E-mail.

 Indoor Shoots run November through March, the day of breakfast, at noon.

All event information is posted at the Club house.  Volunteers are always appreciated.

The Club house allows B.Y.O.B.  Feel free to bring your own adult beverages.

Membership News

Renewals: Renewal forms are available at the Clubhouse and via e-mail request.  Memberships expire December 31st.  If your dues are not paid by March 31st, your membership becomes "inactive", and you may not use the facilities until your dues are paid in full.
Life: Please make sure you fill out your renewal forms (to keep your information current), and stop at the Club house to pick up your new key card.
Waiver: ALL members are required to sign a release of liability/assumption of risk waiver to become a member/recieve your membership card.  
Guests:  Members are welcome to sign guests into the Clubhouse 3 times.  After 3 visits, the guest is required to join.  However, ONLY current/active members are permitted to use the range and must have a waiver on file to do so.
Range Rules:  All range rules are posted on the premisis.  Range is for members only.  You must have your membership card present while using the range facilities. 
Range Hours: Monday - Saturday 9 AM till Dusk, & Sunday 11 AM till Dusk.  Range is closed for all events.  Other range/Clubhouse closures will be sent via e-mail. 
Please do NOT shoot the posts.  Biodegradable targets only.  Please clean up after yourselves.  This includes shell casings, brass, targets, ect.  Thank you, and enjoy the Club!